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    The construction of the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area is included in the "13th Five-Year" national strategy and the "One Belt, One Road Vision and Actions", which can bring new opportunities that cannot be missed for the development of Hong Kong. At the same time, Hong Kong's advantages in finance, professional services, and international greater bay area opportunities have strengthened cooperation with Guangdong, opening up new areas and new impetus for the sustained and prosperous development of Hong Kong's economy in the future.

    Relying on its advantages in finance, professional services and international relations, Hong Kong will help promote the industrial upgrading and transformation of the Dabai Bay area, making the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area an international city with international competitive advantages, and as an important national economic engine, driving Central and South Africa. , Southwest and other pan-pearl River Delta regions, and play an important role in the construction of the "Belt and Road". The full text of dry goods is divided into two parts: the economic development prospects of the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area and the Hong Kong era.

    1. The economic development prospects of the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area.

    Throughout the world's several major bay area economies (including the Tokyo Bay Area, the New York Metropolitan Area and the San Francisco Bay Area, see the table below), the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area has the fastest development speed, the largest port and airport capacity, population and land The largest area. However, the per capita output value and development level of the tertiary industry are relatively lagging, reflecting the huge potential for development. If the Bay Areas develop at the current growth rate, the output value of the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area will exceed RMB 142.3 trillion (US$2.1 trillion) within five years, surpassing the other three bay areas.

    Since the system differences pose a challenge to the development of the Greater Bay Area, it is also an opportunity.

    In terms of challenges, institutional differences constitute obstacles to regional economic and social integration, restrict the free flow of production factors in the region, and hinder equal competition and deep integration of enterprises and institutions in the region. The differences in regional systems cause rent-seeking behaviors and contradictions.

    On the other hand, different systems can complement each other, such as the development of onshore and offshore RMB markets. The coexistence of multiple systems also provides a reference and experiment for the internationalization of the renminbi for the reform of the national system. How to carry forward the advantages of "one country, two systems" and avoid the disadvantages of system differences will be the key to the development of the Greater Bay Area.

    Through the existing government cooperation framework and cooperation platforms such as CEpA and free trade zones, Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao have basically achieved trade liberalization. Hong Kong and Macau plan to negotiate a free trade agreement. After completion, Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao will be connected into a free trade zone.




    How to browse the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area?


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    Les opportunités sont partout dans la région de la Grande Baie


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    A child’s academic performance is not directly proportional to not attending a cram school. Tuition classes are not only a supplement to school education, but also a good helper for family education. The children's achievements come from the joint efforts of the three parties, which carry the children's attitudes and actions towards learning. In these three orders, school education plays a vital role. It is at the core, and the other two parties are all helping.

    Family education focuses on life education. As for learning, it should be guided by the progress of the school, based on the teacher’s requirements, and appropriate remedial classes should be arranged according to the child’s own learning situation. The main function of the tutoring class is tutoring, which is an effective guide for parents in the process of helping their children find out and fill vacancies. Good counseling should be based on the actual situation of the child, and break through EF english 好唔好, accurately and ruthlessly.

    The reason why I kept registering for classes and the grades did not show up is because the child "only eats but not swallows." Duck-filling education gives children no time to digest or internalize their own knowledge. Over time, as soon as the memory disappears, he will return to the teacher; if the question changes slightly, the child will not be able to bear it because he does not know how to be flexible. These children's schedule is too full, not only can not digest the knowledge of the tutoring class, but also can not absorb the essence of the school. They may also swallow their parents' cram and lose precious time and effective opportunities for self-growth.

    The children who don’t report to class are like children who don’t bring umbrellas on rainy days. They have to find a way to avoid the rain and get out of the swamp. In this kind of careful thinking, I slowly learned the essence of knowledge points and found a way to solve difficult problems. He has enough time to digest, absorb, think and summarize. These children are more subjective in learning, more likely to be brilliant, less prone to rebellion, and more likely to go further and fly higher. Because they have been making themselves, not other people's puppets. In the difficult journey of life, true knowledge, feeling, understanding and every step taken are accumulating strength for one's own future.

    Why do many children feel worse and worse when they go to day care centers?

    Jeder von uns, auch ich, hofft, dass unsere Kinder in Zukunft ausgezeichnete Menschen werden und alle Eltern ihr zukünft...








    1つ、読んでください毎日読むことを主張します。 読む:読むだけでなく、記事を2〜3回読んで、理解します。 暗記:良い記事を暗唱し、単語や文章をよく覚え、同時に言語感覚を養います。 クイックリーディング:初めて記事をすばやく読み、読解速度と理...


  • How do we skin care when we use ...

    Nowadays, many people’s offices are facing the computer, facing the computer 8 hours a day, the skin becomes a vacuum cleaner, how do you skin care when facing the computer for a long time? Keep your skin in good condition while taking Vitae:

    How to use the computer for a long time?

    1. Apply barrier cream.

    When the computer is turned on, it often generates some radiant static electricity. Long-term contact with the skin will attract some dust. Over time, spots and wrinkles will appear. After using the barrier cream, the skin’s resistance can be strengthened and the skin and Radiation exposure.

    2. Replenish more water

    For computers, the skin will become dry and moisturizing is very important. In addition to drinking plenty of water, you should also apply a lot of toner or spray to allow the skin to absorb moisture quickly and avoid dryness. It is recommended to use more every day Drink green tea to moisturize the skin and at the same time prevent radiation.

    3. Exfoliate regularly.

    Due to the influence of computer radiation, the skin easily produces a lot of sebum. Dead skin, if it is not cleaned in time, it will clog the pores and make the skin rough. It is recommended to use it every one to two weeks, which will cause Vitae.

    4. Clean the computer thoroughly after using it.

    After using the computer, it is necessary to clean the facial skin thoroughly in time, wash away the dust attached to the skin surface, reduce the damage to the skin, and help the skin moisturize.

    5. Cucumber can nourish the eyes.

    Frequent use of the computer can cause great damage to the eyes, and it is prone to problems such as dark circles and puffiness. Cucumber slices can be applied after using the computer to fully nourish the eye skin.

    6. Use facial mask often.

    To form a good skin care habit, often use a facial mask and do it two to three times a week. The effect is more obvious, and it can also replenish the moisture Vitae.




    Two easy-to-understand laziness bags from the White House, eligibility for penny applications, income limits, and mortgage limit


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  • There are three age groups in a ...

    Adolescence: The inheritance of freckles is related to a certain extent.

    Freckles are more serious in one parent, and freckles are easy to grow. And with increasing age, it appears more often on the face, especially the nose, eyes, and cheeks.

    Youth: Melasma is the beginning of aging.

    Glaucoma is directly related to ultraviolet radiation in the body, usually when plaques appear during pregnancy or after oral contraceptives. In addition, when a bad mood, liver depression, fatigue, etc. cause endocrine disorders, chloasma will grow rapidly. If women suffer from chronic liver depression, xove skincare.

    Middle-aged people: Age spots appear due to aging skin.

    When women reach the age of 40, some brown spots will appear on the cheeks of the face. As they age, the longer and thicker they become, especially after the age of 50. There are many symptoms of seborrheic keratosis, mainly due to local keratosis caused by skin aging, senile plaques and senile warts after thickening.

    There are three age groups in a woman's life that are prone to getting spots. How to prevent it.

    How to tell what the spots on the face are?

    One, freckles

    Freckle is a kind of spot that is predominantly in children, which is mainly inherited by the family. It mainly appears on the face when it appears, and it has brown spots. The spots will be aggravated during sun exposure or pregnancy.

    Second, chloasma

    Yellow patches, also known as liver spots, often appear on the cheeks, in irregular flakes or butterfly shapes. In addition, most chloasma are rich in symmetry, and pregnancy spots are also a type of chloasma, causing chloasma There are many reasons for this, mainly related to factors such as pregnancy, long-term oral contraceptives, and menstrual disorders.

    Three, coffee spots

    Coffee spots are mainly manifested on the face, and may also be dark or light brown spots. This phenomenon usually occurs in little boys or boys, and usually forms an oval or irregular topographic map on the cheeks. And every xove skincare.

    Four, age spots

    Elderly macula is also called senile wart, which is a kind of skin disease, mostly middle-aged and elderly people. During this period of middle-aged and old age, no attention is paid to skin maintenance. It is also called senile wart. Ageing spots will appear on the skin. Generally, when they first appear, the spots are light brown and the surface is smooth. With age, the color of the spots will increase, and the spots on the skin surface will become thicker and protruding.








    What you did not know about hair care


    1. Was ist ein Haarloch?Egal, ob das Haar dünn, trocken oder fettig ist, es hat Poren, die dazu dienen, Wasser aufzunehm...


  • The most important part of the p...

    The 廿八方 is that many babies need to do one thing after giving birth, and also a procedure process after giving birth, but many babies are not clear how to condition their bodies after giving birth, and worry about staying with the moon disease. In fact, the mother only needs to grasp the three key periods of postnatal 補血氣食品 body, you can make the moon disease avoid you.

    The first stage: the first three days after 廿八方

    The first stage of postnatal conditioning is the first three days after delivery. The first three days after childbirth is the best time to detoxify the body, so the mother must seize the three days after childbirth, moderate theme activities are beneficial to drain the dew. In addition, the pregnant woman is very weak, can not just get out of bed to walk to the bathroom, it is proposed that the mother should be fully prepared to good postpartum special type of aunt towel. This kind of sanitary napkin material soft, breathable performance is also very good, baby mother application is not likely to occur hot feeling, the most important is the speed that is strong, can reduce the frequency of pregnant women to the ground.

    The second stage: the second week after giving birth

    The second part of the postnatal conditioning is the second week after delivery, when the mother's wounds have long been repaired almost, but the pelvic bones have not been restored, so this part of the mother should pay attention to the pelvic repair. The pelvic repair is very slow a whole process, the mother can rely on the constraint to produce to assist the pelvic bone stronger repair, that can accelerate the rate of pelvic bone healing, and at the same time can also have the effect of lifting buttocks. The actual fact is that you can find a lot of people who are not able to get a lot of money for the money.

    The third stage: the third week after giving birth

    The third stage is the third week after giving birth. The actual fact is that you can find a lot of people who are not able to get a good deal on a lot of things. The actual fact is that you can find a lot of people who are not able to get a good deal on this kind of things. The actual fact is that you can't do too much exercise to prevent the wounds from tearing and causing secondary damage to your body, so you'll lose a lot.

    The actual fact is that you can find a lot of people who are not able to get a good deal on a lot of things.

    出産後、体が弱ったときはどうすればいいですか? 育成と修復を迅速に行うための4つのコツを伝授

    妊娠は、女性が妻の役割から母の役割へと移行することを意味し、新しい命の誕生と母体の圧倒的な変化を表しています。 妊娠中は女性の体が弱くなり、出産後は無理をしたり、陣痛で避けられないダメージを受けたりして、以前のような廿八方くなってしまうこと...








    出産後、多くの新米ママが直面する問題が「衰え」です。 腰痛や足の弱さ、疲れやすさ、免疫力の低下などが判明することがほとんどです。 肉体的な健康は人間の生存の基本であり、スリムになりたいかどうか、スキンケアをしたいかどうか、ガスや血液に効果が...


  • The practice of steamed fish fan...

    Steamed fish is best made from freshly slaughtered, fresh fish, which is more delicious. But, how can you refrigerate the frozen fish in the refrigerator and make fresh taste?

    After reading Tao's cell phone weibo, I thought that I bought two freshwater fish yesterday, and after eating one, I put the remaining ones in the refrigerator for freezing.

    I originally wanted to use it for pan-frying, so I cut the dorsal fins neatly. Since I didn't have any fresh fish on hand, I tried the frozen fish to make steamed fish. Therefore, I took the fish out of the refrigerator at 8:00 a.m., and of course unfroze it until the afternoon, thinking that the 蒸魚 食譜 level was just right.

    Guangdong home cooking: steamed fish method of dissection

    Before writing the operation process of steamed fish, introduce a good number of small incorrect that are very easy to commit in the link of steamed fish.

    ① fish cleaning key points of disposal is not timely

    Many basin friends in the case of fish slicing, rushed to beat the fish scales, unload eight pieces, gills after a little cleaning, you think to the fish has long been resolved.

    In fact, to solve a fish, is not so simple.

    Before slicing the fish, it is best to stab the blood first, because the fish blood is the fishy smell from. To make steamed fish, you can pierce the blood at the internal organs in order to better maintain the details of the fish.

    Use one hand to hold the belly of the fish (as close as possible to the location of the chopped fish head), the chopped fish head side of the "cover bone" open, insert a fruit knife close to the viscera pressure, wipe the knife with your hand, sharp edges scratch the aorta around the viscera, the fish blood a lot of discharge.

    Then put the fish into a small basin containing mountain spring water and make the fish swing in the water. Under the use of water, the fish blood is continuously discharged, so that the blood inside the human body of the adult fish as neat as possible place.

    The fish stabbing blood, is the top priority, for which the abdomen inside the black mucous membrane, viscera these, all home cooking. In addition to this, there are three keys to get rid of fishy: one is the location of the fish teeth, must be removed; another is the metabolic mouth, it is best to cut neatly; the third is the vegetable fat in the abdomen, it is best to use the tip of the knife neatly.

    In this way, the fish is even to get neat.

    ②Steaming before the key points are not resolved in time

    Before steaming the fish, some key points of control, very critical.

    The key thing to say three times: no marinade, no marinade, no marinade.

    Do steamed fish, the key to highlight is steamed, do not think that the marinade can get rid of fishy, steamed fish is not early marinade.

    To solve the neat fish, it is best that you can get the water of the fish body and fish abdominal cavity neat. You can use kitchen paper to absorb the water and also dehydrate the water by yourself.

    After the water of the fish dried, placed into a neat dish, in order to better and faster breathability, to be able to lay flat two green onions under the fish (do not like the taste of green onions can also not lay).

    Cut ginger slices into the body of the fish, so that the fish can digest and absorb the aroma of ginger, and at the same time also play a fishy effect.

    Many partners in the home to do steamed fish, are a little anxious to see the frying pan on the steam car, then rushed to put the fish into the pan steamed.

    In fact, the frying pan just on the steam car, the temperature in the pan are not yet the best situation. The best thing to do is to add heat again, so that the steam in the wok can be saturated and sufficiently heated before putting the fish into the wok to steam.

    ③The key point after steaming is not resolved in time

    In the time of steaming fish at home, to home with gas stove or induction cooker to steam fish, after the fish into the pot, must be steamed for about 10 minutes up and down (depending on the size and thickness of the fish and the dexterity to grasp).

    When the fish is steamed, there is a lot of soup in the steamed fish dish, which is not the essence of the fish, but the specific origin of the fishy smell.

    To do the steamed fish, you must throw away the soup in the dish and pour it as neatly as possible, so that the fish can be evenly coated with oil and the fish can be more slippery in the case of hot oil.

    After pouring the soup neatly, sprinkle the shredded ginger, green onion, and fragrant lei on the fish, and then pour the hot oil, which is so hot that it smokes, on the fish evenly, making sure to hear the sound of stinging to make the temperature high enough.

    The final process is to drizzle in the soy sauce, which is also a hotly debated process. Some people say: you should drizzle the soy sauce first and then splash the hot oil. However, Cheng thinks that it is appropriate to pour hot oil first and then drizzle in the soy sauce.

    The hot oil will make the fragrance of the shredded ginger and garlic rise, and the hot oil will create a protective film on the fish, while the soy sauce will not be easily digested and absorbed by the fish immediately.

    If you drizzle in the soy sauce first, you will wet the shredded chanterelle and ginger and garlic, and the hot oil will not be able to stir up the aroma. At the same time, drizzling in the soy sauce too early will cause the fish to be digested and absorbed immediately, which will not only turn the fish white, but will continue to cause uneven salinity in the end.

    Steamed Fish

    The previous side shared the incorrectness that is very easy to commit in the session of making steamed fish. Now, let's take a look at how Lao Cheng's steamed fish is made.

    The following photos are of a freshwater fish that has been frozen and unfrozen to make steamed fish. Originally, this fish was made to be pan-fried, so the dorsal fins and the body of the fish were cut off.

    Details of how to handle steamed fish

    A fish solution, the first to be disposed of sufficiently neat, we look at what to solve to what look like, only sufficiently neat.

    The chopped fish head connected to the abdomen is one of the specific origins of the fishy smell, which must be resolved neatly. It is not easy to get rid of the internal organs and think of it as getting neat. In the chopped pepper fish head and fish body, but all the red stuff, just can get rid of, try to get rid of, that can reduce the fishy smell of fish.

    And I often encounter a slightly embarrassing phenomenon in the case of steamed fish at home: the fish body is too long, the pot is not big enough, it is not clear what to do.

    Next, the old program to share: how to get the fish a little shorter.

    The fish in the picture, an African carp (silver carp), lifted the freeze by freezing, the fortune telling is slightly worse, please give more guidance to the big guys.

    As shown in the picture below, make a cut from the head of the chopped fish to the middle third of the fish body, and cut the side of the fish with an open mouth.

    Then cut along the back of the fish, along the spine.

    Then, from the middle of the interface, insert the fruit knife and push it toward the head of the chopped fish to cut the fish open.

    In the next step, push the knife toward the body of the fish in the same way to cut the meat away.

    After cutting, turn the fish over and make a few slits in the body of the fish, then plate the fish so it can stand up inside the vegetable dish.

    Cut a few slices of ginger and stuff them into the interface of the fish body, the first and last also put some slices of ginger to get rid of the fishy, wait for the frying pan on the steam car, you can steam the fish on the pan.

    Frying pan on the steam car, fish under the pot, fierce fire stove steam 10 minutes, open the table cover.

    In the picture below, the dish is thick with some steamed soup, cloudy and with fishy smell, must pour the soup neatly.

    After the soup is poured neatly, spread the prepared ginger, green onion, and fragrant lei on the fish, and then burn the electricity.

    After the oil in the pot gradually smoke, burn again for a while, the oil is hot enough, and then the boiling oil is sprinkled evenly on the body of the fish, and then quickly drizzled into the soy sauce, shake the dish, so that the oil and soy sauce mix well, the steamed fish will be a great success.

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    When the wound bleeds, it means that the depth of the damage has reached the dermis, which stimulates fibroblasts to produce collagen to repair the wound. However, in some people with better physique, when the skin tension is high, the fibroblasts responsible for the repair work will overreact, causing the wound to heal instead of flushing scars, but prominent 疤痕增生 scars or keloid swelling. However, hypertrophic scars and keloid swelling are very similar in appearance. Many patients think that their scars are keloid swelling, but they are actually hypertrophic scars.

    Hypertrophic scar? keloid swelling? A fool can't tell

    What conditions are prone to form hypertrophic scars or keloid swelling?

    people of color such as Asians and blacks are more common.

    past medical history or family history of hypertrophic scars or keloid swelling.

    It is usually the area with high mobility or greater skin tension, such as earlobe, lower jaw, neck, shoulders, upper back, chest, abdomen (lower abdomen), limbs and joints.

    How to treat hyperplastic scars or keloids?

    1. Steroid injection in local lesions: treatment approximately once every 4 weeks.

    2. Liquid nitrogen cryotherapy: using low temperature to cause ischemic necrosis of scar tissue, the same treatment is about once every 4 weeks.

    3. Local injection of chemotherapeutic drugs into the lesion: Use cytotoxic drugs to induce apoptosis of scar tissue.

    4. Surgical resection combined with postoperative radiotherapy: Surgical resection can quickly improve scars and reduce scar volume, but postoperative radioactive electron beam therapy should be combined to destroy fibroblasts in tumor tissues and prevent scar tissue from reproliferating.

    5. Laser treatment: Vascular lasers, such as yellow lasers or dye lasers, more specifically use hemoglobin to absorb laser energy, thereby blocking blood flow to scar tissue and causing it to shrink. Combined steroid injections are usually used to improve treatment results.

    6. Local botulinum injection: This is a new treatment method. The possible treatment mechanisms include reducing the tension of scar tissue and inhibiting the activity of fibroblasts.

    How to treat hyperplastic scars or keloids?

    1. Steroid injection in local lesions: treatment approximately once every 4 weeks.2. Liquid nitrogen cryotherapy: low te...










  • Riding the wave: recognizing the...

    The two legs that promote the evolution of business services are effectiveness and independent innovation.

    The promotion of material wealth has always been the reduction of product costs and transaction costs, which for everyone actually all have actually, because this is also the main trend of social development forward, with this kind of cognitive ability, we can distinguish their current practice is to ride the trend, or to take advantage of the trend.


    Assuming a business capital investment of 1 million, 3 months later to get back the cost of fees, but also earned 200,000, and then the 200,000 funds into the sale, and so on, 10 years later, when the 1 million property of the business into a property of tens of billions of dollars of large enterprises, this process of compound interest is the process of development of the company.

    Assuming that the company is a cell phone, the development process of the company includes the cell phone from the design, manufacturing, delivery, marketing and promotion of the product circulation process, product circulation with the circulation of assets and accumulation, this process is carried out by many different regions, different responsibilities of the division of labor together with the cooperation of people, including hardware configuration elite team, cell phone software elite team, design department, a variety of If there is a problem in one of the links, the process will be delayed, such as the manufacturing process, the delivery time of the cell phone will be delayed.

    The faster the circulation of all products, the faster the enterprise's return to the capital and development speed, and this process takes the most hours in the region, in many cases depends on each link in the middle of the docking, the speed of each link in the middle of the docking, lies in the level of trust between each other, the higher the level of trust, the faster the docking and circulation speed, for example, the store to sell products to customers this link, the more customers The higher the level of trust, the faster the docking and circulation will be. For example, the more the customer trusts the store, the faster the consumer behavior will be.

    The capital of all times consists of many companies, and the capital of social development also appreciates in circulation, and the faster the circulation speed, the faster the appreciation speed usually is, and the circulation speed very much lies in the trust cost fee of social development. The more transparent the information content is, the lower the cost of trust, and the faster the circulation and appreciation of wealth.


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