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Do diamonds have investment ente...


Mumbai's bdb, the world's largest diamond trading center, was recently closed due to an outbreak in India, which industry insiders predict will lead to a new round of price increases. For diamond investors, there is no better information than rising prices.

Do diamonds have investment value?

Colorless Diamonds

As we all know, the market price of colorless round diamonds is stable and does not rise much, so you can basically make a stable profit by holding them for a long time. Whereas fancy colorless diamonds are traded fairly and openly with reference to Rapaport's offer, the wide variety of fancy cut diamonds requires careful consideration as to whether they are convenient to sell in the future.

Fancy Color Diamonds



For the novice investor in general, fancy colored diamonds can be more systematically complex compared to the colorless diamond model, and often have companion colors in addition to being rich as the primary color. It is best to start with the theory of diamonds without companion colors, and to consider the shades of other colors and the plus or minus effect of companion colors after you have some trading management experience.

Most investors believe that the "scarcity" of fancy colored diamonds is an indicator of value, and that the rarer the color, the higher the value, and that investing in rare colored diamonds will definitely be profitable.

Rare diamonds of the same color, such as orange, pink-violet, blue-violet and so on. Although the price is not low, but due to excessive scarcity, the market is small, not easy to circulate, the possibility of rising is relatively small...

How do you invest in diamonds? You invest in casino tipping

Do not ignore the remarks column of the GIA certificate


Most people usually focus only on the 4Cs, and then students conduct a market price risk assessment to indeed whether they can buy, but do not need to pay attention to the details of the remarks column. In addition, the remarks column of the GIA diamond certificate is also marked on whether or not the diamond can be processed by artificial management optimization information and other situation analysis, such as whether the enterprise is marked by artificial clarity enhancement or artificial diamond color change, etc .

But whether the diamond is completely natural, color or clarity through manual processing, the price can be very different.

Consider whether or not to bid on a purchase

After purchasing a diamond, it is very important that you are able to sell it successfully after reaching the expected investment period. For example, the quality, size, and reasonable selling price of a diamond can directly affect its smooth sale.

It is important to compare the price of the purchase

The purchase price is reasonable to ensure that the expected investment life and the estimated investment life increase and are expected to sell more easily. Therefore, when buying diamonds, price is very important and therefore, it is best to store around when buying.

You can choose domestic diamond importers as they have more reliable channels, legal customs clearance for importation and more favorable prices. In addition, the supplier's background, company size, credentials, industry review, etc., all of which still need to be carefully studied.


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