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If the skin's horny layer is too thin and too thick, it will not show on the skin's crystal clear, but will continue to block the digestion and absorption of skin care products afterwards, and the application of more expensive skin care products will not achieve the actual effect that it should have. The lady on time face exfoliation is very necessary, is a very critical part of the skin care process. Here's how to exfoliate without hurting your skin.

How to get rid of the cuticle in the standard without damaging the skin?

1, face exfoliation before to clean up the face

Many people to the case of facial exfoliation will not wash the face, immediately to the face smear facial exfoliation cream, think that can make the face of the unclean things and horny layer to get a stronger cleanup. In fact, it is best to wash your face before face exfoliation, because if you do not wash your face, the removal of the cuticle is the face of the unclean things, and not the skin of the cuticle, so it will make the face exfoliation to go is not neat and tidy, then lose the actual meaning of face exfoliation. In the case of facial cleansing it is best to use a soft cleanser to carry out cleansing, for the t-region key cleanup, sufficient to wash off the face of plant oils, to give the necessary conditions for the removal of the keratin layer thin.



2, face exfoliation to system partition

As the face of the keratin layer thin very thick there is thin, like all t area contains forehead and jaw, nose tip both sides are keratin layer thin more thick face area, because this area is more very easy to take oil. And the cheeks position horny layer thin very thin, if the face exfoliation to go hard will cause the face has red blood. Therefore, in the case of face exfoliation should pay attention to the system partition, if the cheek cuticle is too thin, or the skin is sensitive skin, only to the t-zone cuticle on the good.

3, face exfoliation skills to be soft

The face of the skin is ultimately more tender, must be very soft skills. As the stratum corneum cream itself has a certain irritation to the skin, if then use a very large force face exfoliation, it will cause damage to the facial skin. Therefore, in the case of facial exfoliation technique is best to be gentle, to scratch the grinding polishing method will face exfoliation cream evenly pushed, so that the face sufficient digestion and absorption, especially for the cheeks more sensitive skin, more attention.

4, the frequency of facial exfoliation does not have to be too often

Facial skin is a purely natural natural barrier to exfoliate the thin layer, the key to go is the skin surface due to plant oils resulting in the stratum corneum. If the frequent face exfoliation, it is very easy to make the skin's thin stratum corneum suffered damage, very easy to make the skin into sensitive skin, will continue to break up after the side of the cheeks occurred with red blood conditions. And regular face exfoliation, facial skin will also be negative, and even water and oil imbalance will occur. So the face exfoliation is not suitable to go too often, once a month to 2 times is more suitable frequency. Summer is relatively more frequent than winter.


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