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Riding the wave: recognizing the...

The two legs that promote the evolution of business services are effectiveness and independent innovation.

The promotion of material wealth has always been the reduction of product costs and transaction costs, which for everyone actually all have actually, because this is also the main trend of social development forward, with this kind of cognitive ability, we can distinguish their current practice is to ride the trend, or to take advantage of the trend.


Assuming a business capital investment of 1 million, 3 months later to get back the cost of fees, but also earned 200,000, and then the 200,000 funds into the sale, and so on, 10 years later, when the 1 million property of the business into a property of tens of billions of dollars of large enterprises, this process of compound interest is the process of development of the company.

Assuming that the company is a cell phone, the development process of the company includes the cell phone from the design, manufacturing, delivery, marketing and promotion of the product circulation process, product circulation with the circulation of assets and accumulation, this process is carried out by many different regions, different responsibilities of the division of labor together with the cooperation of people, including hardware configuration elite team, cell phone software elite team, design department, a variety of If there is a problem in one of the links, the process will be delayed, such as the manufacturing process, the delivery time of the cell phone will be delayed.

The faster the circulation of all products, the faster the enterprise's return to the capital and development speed, and this process takes the most hours in the region, in many cases depends on each link in the middle of the docking, the speed of each link in the middle of the docking, lies in the level of trust between each other, the higher the level of trust, the faster the docking and circulation speed, for example, the store to sell products to customers this link, the more customers The higher the level of trust, the faster the docking and circulation will be. For example, the more the customer trusts the store, the faster the consumer behavior will be.

The capital of all times consists of many companies, and the capital of social development also appreciates in circulation, and the faster the circulation speed, the faster the appreciation speed usually is, and the circulation speed very much lies in the trust cost fee of social development. The more transparent the information content is, the lower the cost of trust, and the faster the circulation and appreciation of wealth.


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