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The harm of poor quality disposa...

Nowadays, there are many counterfeit and inferior disposable environmental tableware on the sales market, and I will popularize the harm of inferior disposable environmental tableware to everyone, and I expect everyone to brighten their eyes and identify them with care!

First, to understand the fake environmental protection lunch box has what characteristics?

A rub to fall off the powder, hands to feel soft. A strong tear on the crack, a smell choking nose and choking eyes; packaging wooden boxes and lunch boxes on no business name, no trademark logo, no date of manufacture; heavier than standard products, the price is low. The surface of the product has "dissolved lunch box" environmental protection lunch box "urban environmental protection", etc., in fact, is not environmental protection, the real product is no above the mark by the perfect processing procedures and high-quality products.

Secondly, do you know what harm is done by applying fake lunch boxes?

The damage is higher than the national industry standard of glacial acetic acid sludge several times, fake environmental protection lunch box is inside with a lot of light calcium powder or calcium bicarbonate and other inorganic minerals filler products (there are also very few with waste plastic or waste paper made of kitchenware.

eco friendly utensils

Third, understand how the sales market can occur in the real environmental protection lunch boxes and fake environmental protection lunch boxes?

There are some manufacturers suffer from the contradiction of rights and interests, the cost of real environmentally friendly lunch boxes increase while fake environmentally friendly lunch boxes low cost. Regardless of the physical and mental health of many customers, still violate the norms set by the state to carry out manufacturing and market sales.

Fourth, understand how fake environmentally friendly tableware can be such a hot selling?

Disposable environmentally friendly tableware

The fact is that the environmental protection is not at all, agents get profit is relatively large; customers lack of consumer expertise; use artificial control costs figure cost-effective; part of the product is only mold shell engraved on the "environmental protection lunch box" dissolved lunch box "urban environmental protection" and other words. Environmental health characteristics deviation, and some customers only recognize such words, and do not understand the true state of the product.

Do you know which lunch boxes are truly environmentally friendly?

Good touch, product tone and material proportionality. High compressive strength; no odour release when holding hot or cold food; easy to acquire and use or dissolve in the natural environment; no harm to ecological protection and health, to achieve our food hygiene and safety norms; significant sign above the product with the enterprise name or product number.


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