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The practice of steamed fish fan...

Steamed fish is best made from freshly slaughtered, fresh fish, which is more delicious. But, how can you refrigerate the frozen fish in the refrigerator and make fresh taste?

After reading Tao's cell phone weibo, I thought that I bought two freshwater fish yesterday, and after eating one, I put the remaining ones in the refrigerator for freezing.

I originally wanted to use it for pan-frying, so I cut the dorsal fins neatly. Since I didn't have any fresh fish on hand, I tried the frozen fish to make steamed fish. Therefore, I took the fish out of the refrigerator at 8:00 a.m., and of course unfroze it until the afternoon, thinking that the 蒸魚 食譜 level was just right.

Guangdong home cooking: steamed fish method of dissection

Before writing the operation process of steamed fish, introduce a good number of small incorrect that are very easy to commit in the link of steamed fish.

① fish cleaning key points of disposal is not timely

Many basin friends in the case of fish slicing, rushed to beat the fish scales, unload eight pieces, gills after a little cleaning, you think to the fish has long been resolved.

In fact, to solve a fish, is not so simple.

Before slicing the fish, it is best to stab the blood first, because the fish blood is the fishy smell from. To make steamed fish, you can pierce the blood at the internal organs in order to better maintain the details of the fish.

Use one hand to hold the belly of the fish (as close as possible to the location of the chopped fish head), the chopped fish head side of the "cover bone" open, insert a fruit knife close to the viscera pressure, wipe the knife with your hand, sharp edges scratch the aorta around the viscera, the fish blood a lot of discharge.

Then put the fish into a small basin containing mountain spring water and make the fish swing in the water. Under the use of water, the fish blood is continuously discharged, so that the blood inside the human body of the adult fish as neat as possible place.

The fish stabbing blood, is the top priority, for which the abdomen inside the black mucous membrane, viscera these, all home cooking. In addition to this, there are three keys to get rid of fishy: one is the location of the fish teeth, must be removed; another is the metabolic mouth, it is best to cut neatly; the third is the vegetable fat in the abdomen, it is best to use the tip of the knife neatly.

In this way, the fish is even to get neat.

②Steaming before the key points are not resolved in time

Before steaming the fish, some key points of control, very critical.

The key thing to say three times: no marinade, no marinade, no marinade.

Do steamed fish, the key to highlight is steamed, do not think that the marinade can get rid of fishy, steamed fish is not early marinade.

To solve the neat fish, it is best that you can get the water of the fish body and fish abdominal cavity neat. You can use kitchen paper to absorb the water and also dehydrate the water by yourself.

After the water of the fish dried, placed into a neat dish, in order to better and faster breathability, to be able to lay flat two green onions under the fish (do not like the taste of green onions can also not lay).

Cut ginger slices into the body of the fish, so that the fish can digest and absorb the aroma of ginger, and at the same time also play a fishy effect.

Many partners in the home to do steamed fish, are a little anxious to see the frying pan on the steam car, then rushed to put the fish into the pan steamed.

In fact, the frying pan just on the steam car, the temperature in the pan are not yet the best situation. The best thing to do is to add heat again, so that the steam in the wok can be saturated and sufficiently heated before putting the fish into the wok to steam.

③The key point after steaming is not resolved in time

In the time of steaming fish at home, to home with gas stove or induction cooker to steam fish, after the fish into the pot, must be steamed for about 10 minutes up and down (depending on the size and thickness of the fish and the dexterity to grasp).

When the fish is steamed, there is a lot of soup in the steamed fish dish, which is not the essence of the fish, but the specific origin of the fishy smell.

To do the steamed fish, you must throw away the soup in the dish and pour it as neatly as possible, so that the fish can be evenly coated with oil and the fish can be more slippery in the case of hot oil.

After pouring the soup neatly, sprinkle the shredded ginger, green onion, and fragrant lei on the fish, and then pour the hot oil, which is so hot that it smokes, on the fish evenly, making sure to hear the sound of stinging to make the temperature high enough.

The final process is to drizzle in the soy sauce, which is also a hotly debated process. Some people say: you should drizzle the soy sauce first and then splash the hot oil. However, Cheng thinks that it is appropriate to pour hot oil first and then drizzle in the soy sauce.

The hot oil will make the fragrance of the shredded ginger and garlic rise, and the hot oil will create a protective film on the fish, while the soy sauce will not be easily digested and absorbed by the fish immediately.

If you drizzle in the soy sauce first, you will wet the shredded chanterelle and ginger and garlic, and the hot oil will not be able to stir up the aroma. At the same time, drizzling in the soy sauce too early will cause the fish to be digested and absorbed immediately, which will not only turn the fish white, but will continue to cause uneven salinity in the end.

Steamed Fish

The previous side shared the incorrectness that is very easy to commit in the session of making steamed fish. Now, let's take a look at how Lao Cheng's steamed fish is made.

The following photos are of a freshwater fish that has been frozen and unfrozen to make steamed fish. Originally, this fish was made to be pan-fried, so the dorsal fins and the body of the fish were cut off.

Details of how to handle steamed fish

A fish solution, the first to be disposed of sufficiently neat, we look at what to solve to what look like, only sufficiently neat.

The chopped fish head connected to the abdomen is one of the specific origins of the fishy smell, which must be resolved neatly. It is not easy to get rid of the internal organs and think of it as getting neat. In the chopped pepper fish head and fish body, but all the red stuff, just can get rid of, try to get rid of, that can reduce the fishy smell of fish.

And I often encounter a slightly embarrassing phenomenon in the case of steamed fish at home: the fish body is too long, the pot is not big enough, it is not clear what to do.

Next, the old program to share: how to get the fish a little shorter.

The fish in the picture, an African carp (silver carp), lifted the freeze by freezing, the fortune telling is slightly worse, please give more guidance to the big guys.

As shown in the picture below, make a cut from the head of the chopped fish to the middle third of the fish body, and cut the side of the fish with an open mouth.

Then cut along the back of the fish, along the spine.

Then, from the middle of the interface, insert the fruit knife and push it toward the head of the chopped fish to cut the fish open.

In the next step, push the knife toward the body of the fish in the same way to cut the meat away.

After cutting, turn the fish over and make a few slits in the body of the fish, then plate the fish so it can stand up inside the vegetable dish.

Cut a few slices of ginger and stuff them into the interface of the fish body, the first and last also put some slices of ginger to get rid of the fishy, wait for the frying pan on the steam car, you can steam the fish on the pan.

Frying pan on the steam car, fish under the pot, fierce fire stove steam 10 minutes, open the table cover.

In the picture below, the dish is thick with some steamed soup, cloudy and with fishy smell, must pour the soup neatly.

After the soup is poured neatly, spread the prepared ginger, green onion, and fragrant lei on the fish, and then burn the electricity.

After the oil in the pot gradually smoke, burn again for a while, the oil is hot enough, and then the boiling oil is sprinkled evenly on the body of the fish, and then quickly drizzled into the soy sauce, shake the dish, so that the oil and soy sauce mix well, the steamed fish will be a great success.

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