There are three age groups in a ...

Adolescence: The inheritance of freckles is related to a certain extent.

Freckles are more serious in one parent, and freckles are easy to grow. And with increasing age, it appears more often on the face, especially the nose, eyes, and cheeks.

Youth: Melasma is the beginning of aging.

Glaucoma is directly related to ultraviolet radiation in the body, usually when plaques appear during pregnancy or after oral contraceptives. In addition, when a bad mood, liver depression, fatigue, etc. cause endocrine disorders, chloasma will grow rapidly. If women suffer from chronic liver depression, xove skincare.

Middle-aged people: Age spots appear due to aging skin.

When women reach the age of 40, some brown spots will appear on the cheeks of the face. As they age, the longer and thicker they become, especially after the age of 50. There are many symptoms of seborrheic keratosis, mainly due to local keratosis caused by skin aging, senile plaques and senile warts after thickening.

There are three age groups in a woman's life that are prone to getting spots. How to prevent it.

How to tell what the spots on the face are?

One, freckles

Freckle is a kind of spot that is predominantly in children, which is mainly inherited by the family. It mainly appears on the face when it appears, and it has brown spots. The spots will be aggravated during sun exposure or pregnancy.

Second, chloasma

Yellow patches, also known as liver spots, often appear on the cheeks, in irregular flakes or butterfly shapes. In addition, most chloasma are rich in symmetry, and pregnancy spots are also a type of chloasma, causing chloasma There are many reasons for this, mainly related to factors such as pregnancy, long-term oral contraceptives, and menstrual disorders.

Three, coffee spots

Coffee spots are mainly manifested on the face, and may also be dark or light brown spots. This phenomenon usually occurs in little boys or boys, and usually forms an oval or irregular topographic map on the cheeks. And every xove skincare.

Four, age spots

Elderly macula is also called senile wart, which is a kind of skin disease, mostly middle-aged and elderly people. During this period of middle-aged and old age, no attention is paid to skin maintenance. It is also called senile wart. Ageing spots will appear on the skin. Generally, when they first appear, the spots are light brown and the surface is smooth. With age, the color of the spots will increase, and the spots on the skin surface will become thicker and protruding.








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