Three factors that turn China in...

According to the new data released by the Organization for Economic Cooperation (OECD), the total volume of foreign direct investment in the world in 2020 will be $846 billion, 38% lower than last year and the lowest since 2005. Among them, foreign OFDI injected into China took advantage of the trend to rise to $212 billion, an increase of 14%.

This is confirmed with the information of the data previously announced by the Ministry of Commerce of the People's Republic of China: in 2020, the specific application of foreign investment throughout the country was 999.98 billion RMB, an increase of 6.2% (equivalent to 144.37 billion USD, an increase of 4.5%; no financial institutions, securities, commercial insurance industry), operating on a record scale for a new historical time. On this basis, the total output, growth rate and worldwide share of investment in China have been "three upgrades", turning into a "port of call" for multinational companies to invest in their projects.


Investing in China is undoubtedly a wise choice, first of all, according to the excellent operating trend of our economy.

In 2020, the economic situation in China is improving quarter by quarter, gradually repairing the normalization, and the only one of the key economic powers in the world to complete the economic development is improving. According to the Statistical Bulletin of the People's Republic of China on National Economic and Social Development in 2020 released by the China Bureau of Statistics, the basic calculation is that China's gross national product for the whole year is RMB 1,015,986 billion, which is 2.3% higher than last year.

Into 2021, in China's economic situation in a stable structure reinforced, stable to good. Based on the data information released by the China Bureau of Statistics, the basic calculation is that China's GNP in the first quarter was RMB 2493.1 billion, measured at comparable prices, an increase of 18.3% year-on-year, 0.6% higher than the year-on-year growth rate in the fourth quarter of 2020; 10.3% higher than the first quarter of 2019 and 5.0% higher than the 2-year average.

The excellent development trend layout of China's economic development, especially the transformation and development of China's economic development, has created excellent project investment opportunities for foreign investors.

Second, in China's business environment is continuing to develop steadily.

Business environment is the soil layer of enterprise financing prosperous bank, but also the key indicator value of competitiveness. Over the years, with the orientation of socialization, legalization and modernization, numerous measures have been issued in China at the level of enhancing the business environment.

For example, on January 1, 2020, the Regulations on Optimizing the Business Environment were announced. The regulations key to solve the problems, problems and blockage problems in the registration of enterprises in the production and operation of the subject activities: market access system and withdrawal more very easy, lower tax cost fees, equity financing for small and medium-sized enterprises more very easy, more convenient and fast to do things, more fair and just market competition ......

Planting ginkgo trees attracts phoenixes. It is precisely according to the continuous improvement of the business environment in China that the self-confidence of foreign companies in China to work deeply in the Chinese sales market has been raised, in addition to attracting more and more foreign investors to live in China.

Third, in China's opening up to the outside world continues to develop.

Over the years, in China in the expansion of foreign opening level posture constantly, and the magnitude of opening up more and more. One of the key reflections is that there are more and more international international exhibitions at home and abroad: from China Import and Export Trade Fair to China International Import Expo, from China International International Service Trade Fair to China International Commodity Fair. This kind of international international exhibition opens up the "dialog box" of high-quality opening up in China from different perspectives and allows more and more foreign capital to grasp China.

Naturally, at the same time as seeing foreign investors actively investing in China, we must make further efforts in all aspects in the future to ensure that foreign investors "get in and keep".

I think, on the one hand, to enhance the business environment, the expansion of high-quality open level again to make efforts, for foreign investment in China to build a more excellent natural environment; on the other hand, to again in the liberalization of market access system "to do plus or minus", in the policy preferences "to do plus or minus On the other hand, we should again "add and subtract" in liberalizing the market access system and "add and subtract" in policy preferences to produce a collaborative effort of the existing policies to stabilize foreign investment; in addition, we need to improve the guarantee mechanism of investment service projects for foreign investment projects, enhance the high efficiency of service projects, and ensure the stability of the whole industrial chain, supply chain management, and operation of key foreign enterprises.

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